The Best Time in Lyon

Had the best time in France this summer back in June, with the best company I could ever ask for!

After arriving at the airport and got ourselves to our Airbnb, we walked over the river to Vieux Lyon, a district filled with ancient-french vibes and beautiful boutiques and restaurants! We walked all the way up to the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere and Cathedrale Saint-Jean Baptiste. *we walked exactly like this..*

But after all that effort in getting to the top of the hill (yes we decided to walk all the stairs and the slopes), we were #blessed to have witnessed the amazing designs of the basilique and visited the balcony where we can see the whole of Lyon!

*interiors of the basilique

Isn’t this view amazing??? So #blessed to have travelled to Lyon and to witness this view.. But anyways, after that, we walked back down to Vieux Lyon, and went for ice-cream and coffee!! #YASS #ALittleBitGuilty

We went to this amazing cafe called Glacier Terre Adelice (the best dessert cafe in Lyon!)

*this is only 10 euros… and the peach flavor is amazingg!!

So after desserts, we continued our little journey in Vieux Lyon, where we discovered small boutiques and we started shopping! Some small gifts and souvenirs but mainly for our own personal greed hah..

*They have the cutest decorations ever and if I ever get a house in London, you’ll see me flying over to Lyon to get all my furniture and interior decorations!

Then we came across this little gift shop, (again with the best decors you’ll ever find on earth!)

But after A LOT OF DAMAGE DONE, we went for dinner! And dinner was simply delicious.. DELICIOUS!!

We went to a place called Flair Restaurant, it’s a small cozy restaurant with the best food! There is not a la carte menu, but there are two set menus for you to choose, we told the chef that we want him to build us a menu and alter some choices on the tasting menu and the outcome is just.. perfect!

*There were a lot of Japanese and Asian customers there, as the chef is Japanese himself (that explains the amazing food he made).

Yes, Lyon had been amazing, the view, the food and even the shopping (who knew I had more shopping done in Lyon than Paris!?) I really do regret not staying in Lyon for longer but I am definitely blessed enough to be able to travel to such a beautiful city with lots of history! DM me on insta if you have any questions about Lyon, whether it’s the culture or the food, I’ll try my best to recommend the best places for you!


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