Major Shopping Spree in Milan

Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait for this part 3 of my journey this past June. But I’ve brought my A-game in compiling these few new posts that’ll be coming live very very soon! And here’s an early happy mid-autumn festival greeting to everyone out there reading this post!

Florence is absolutely beautiful! Spent a few days over there as it’s literally my favorite city in Europe! The architecture, the people, the food and the scenery from every alley, every road is simply the perfect place to settle down in. Unlike busy cities like London and Hong Kong, Florence has this vibe that you can just chill by just walking along the small streets, discover new markets and squares with children laughing and running around from every corner, holding a drink in hand, listening to some chill-ass music while strolling down the streets is definitely one of my favorite things to do in Florence!

Besides literally eating Florence in and out, filling my stomach with gelato, bolognese, and pizza (which means a lot of carbs..) I had fun traveling up to Milan for a day trip where we did some damage (yes not only me!) From selecting diamond pieces to suiting up for the gala and prepping the outfit for my graduation, moving from Bvlgari to Gucci, we did not stop at all! Mom went all crazy and surely I did too hehe. Whilst skipping lunch, the people at Gucci were nice enough to offer us deliciously sandwiches and tea while we basically rob the whole shop out. The day ended with us running to the train station in Milan trying to get back to Florence, stuffing BurgerKing in our mouths whenever we have the time to stop and rest for like 30 seconds.

And yes, we went to Venice! It’s always been on my bucket list to travel to Venice and it surely didn’t disappoint! Unfortunately, we only stayed for a day, but I’ve already planned the next trip to Venice designated to splurge on shopping and food! (yes I need to get that obligatory pic from Burano too..) To say Venice is beautiful is an understatement. I’ve never seen anything so natural and beautiful like this and I can’t wait to come back to Venice!

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