Realizing things…

Just starting off the summer with a BANG… I’m working on my own website! Been so scared to create my own blog/website since I don’t have any experience in keeping it nice and neat, but lately I’ve been reading lots of blog posts from different blogs and I think I should do the same in showing you guys all of my creative thinking! *through amaezing pics of course*

Wanted to change the name ‘snobbibytch’ for quite a while now, although it fully represents literally my personality and basically *mae* but I’ve always thought that it’s kinda too in-your-face.. and which I’ve decided to change it to.. *snobbaee!! (figured 2 e’s look better than just 1… *snobbae LOLL!!) Being as bitchy as I can be, sometimes the name could offend some people, and although my personality is kinda idgaf-about-what-you-think, I still feel a bit oddly off.. (and partially I want to take my blog onto the next level and start building a career towards it LOL!)

I guess blogging isn’t too hard for me since I’ve only spent about 3 minutes creating this whole #content HAH! It’s like talking excessively through my mind and typing endlessly which is actually extremely therapeutic *you should all try*.

With all my friends securing job offers, me being jobless but luckily graduated, I’ve found myself in a weird spot lately.. Not being sure about my future, I guess it’s all the same for everyone my age, but their way of figuring out is to get a job first. While I’m searching, I’ve selfishly decided to dedicate my time where I should be job-hunting, towards my blog that’s like 10% successful I guess.. Building a website was definitely on my bucket list in being a social media influencer. So I guess this is my first blog, and I hope you enjoy a bit of it, laughed a lil’ bit, or maybe find it funny or bitchy in any sort of way! Please insta-direct me if you think I should include any contents that you are curious about in my day-to-day life as a 21 years old, unemployed, snobby teen with an attitude.

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