Czeching in in Prague

Hi fans! This whole series of me traveling around Europe is gonna wrap up here.. but don’t let me stop you from following to what I’ve been doing lately! Super excited to show you what I’ve got before the year ends so please stay tuned and I’ll keep y’all posted!!

Prague is such a beautiful classic old town that’s surprised all of us with how amazing it looks. Walking around in the morning with the sun is so pleasant and nice and you’d want to just chill around and have some nuggets on the way to your shopping destination. Whilst stopping by for some traditional snacks, desserts, and coffee, there are a few Czech traditional dishes that you must try! The Palačinky is to-die-for, I had the ones with cream and some strawberries, it’s like your normal boring french pancakes but with a different cooking method, it is such a treat! Another sweet pastry that you must try is the Trdelník, I think it’s a Hungarian traditional snack, it’s basically pastry toasted with sugar/cinnamon on top. Prague has literally a million shops that sell these Trdelníks, they look like a bbq set up but instead of beef and pork, it’s bun and more buns.

If you’re not the type that likes sweet snacks, and you’re a big fan of meat then you must try the Grilované Klobásy, it’s a sausage, but Czech is so famous for their meats and Barbeques that you must not miss the opportunity to try out one of their most famous dishes!

The architecture in Prague is also simply amazing, with every building on the same street in a different vibrant color, it’s also the best backdrop to any Instagram snaps for you guys too! The railway bus is also a good setting in doing your photoshoot! Unfortunately, I lost my phone but the shots that were taken are pretty damn nice.

After all the food and the pics you snapped for your Instagram feed, move along before the sunset towards the Charles Bridge where you’ll witness literally the most beautiful scene Prague can offer. From white to blue, navy then deep navy until it’s filled with stars and the moon is shining brighter than ever, your view from the Charles Bridge to Prague also changes every second. I’d record a video if I ever visit Prague again. I’m extremely blessed to have witnessed that magical moment.

Moving on to Cesky Krumlov, the coach ride was intolerable, someone needs to chip in for the private jet for sure. But it’s so worth it! It’s not only a small town but filled with elements of our childhood fairytales, castles that we’ve dreamed of staying in. The food is amazing as always, but I had the best pancakes and the best breakfast at this little cafe called Cafe 49. The best service and the best food full stop. Another great and famous restaurant to go for dinner is KRCMA Satlavska, it’s filled with tourist and it’s literally the best! But I’d recommend making a booking next time as they are always packed with groups of tourists.

Cesky Krumlov is also famous for their color pencils, you know? The ones that we used back in kindergarten and primary school drawing and sketching our art pieces. It’s a pretty decent destination to just to stay here for a day or two, escaping from the busy cities.

Last but not least, Karlovy Vary! It’s another small town but well-known for its hot spring. People just go there and taste their spring water, which is extremely rusty and gross. However, the timing was perfect! We just made it to the International Film Festival and chilled around at the booth as I got tickets for the fam to go to the gala while staying at the Luxury Spa Hotel Olympic Palace, kudos to their PR for letting us crash for a night at the suite!

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