October Beauty Favorites | Biologique Recherche, Estée Lauder and more

Hey guys, it’s me again! Welcome to my first ever beauty favorites! It’s been such a hectic October, with all the traveling and with work but I’ve came up a pile of go-to products that I’ve used for over 3 months and find them useful in keeping my skin moisturize and radiant. I’ll link all the products down below with the brands and where to get them at the end of the blog post!

First let’s keep it real simple with the only cleanser I use to prep the skin, get the skin clean and moisturize. This oxygenated cleanser keeps your skin free from pollution (a must for everyone who lives in a busy city like Hong Kong or Shanghai that’s super polluted…) It’s a cleansing milk that’s easy to blend on skin, and you immediately feel the milk nourishing your skin. And the best part is that it’s so easy to wash off and makes your skin feel so refreshed!

Next up it’s toners, normally I use my P50W twice a day after cleansing, it’s an acid so it slightly stings your skin if you have sensitive skin, it’s a great product in nourishing your skin in the long term,  making it more tolerant and you’ll notice less breakouts and smoother skin!

As for the skin conditioner, I basically use it as water whenever I feel dry, I soak a few cotton pads in the conditioner and just place it on my face for 5 minutes max, like a quick moisturizing mask. It’s also on the less pricier side so I’d suggest you buying it! (It’s available in Mannings I believe)

And how could we live without serums? The essence and the base of any skin routine! I’ve got 3 types of serums right now, they’re all on the pricier side (oops) but they are so effective and so worth it! Extraits Tissulaires is for hydrating and revitalizing, Placenta is for revitalizing as well, and to nourish your skin overall more like a long term treatment to a better and even complex, and Oligo-Proteines Marines is more like a spot treatment, it’s a more advanced version of the Placenta one that treats extreme spot cases like acne or breakouts.

This is more like a program and a long term treatment towards a smoother complex with less and less breakouts, I’m currently using my second bottle of the Extraits Tissulaires serum, and it’s simply the best.

Ofcourse you need a cream to lay over on top of that precious and expensive serum as I right?


I usually use the Cloud9 Skin Solutions after applying toner before serum, and then use the Creme Hydravit’s at night after applying serum to keep the skin hydrated at night. Did you know your skin recovers between 11pm – 2am? That’s why hydration is very important for your skin to generate some collagen etc. The VIP O2 eye cream is also a current favorite, being a newbie towards eye cream, I really don’t see the need to purchase this in a bigger size… lol

As for my Perricone Photo Plasma sunscreen, I’ve been using it as a day moisturizer, it hydrates the skin the has SPF30, it also makes your skin glow especially under the sun! I’ve been using this throughout the whole summer even under the feverish Italian sun, it has definitely been my bestfriend throughout the whole summer! I’ve also been digging the sunscreen from Biologique (that small golden tube right there), it gives a natural glow and provides better protection to your skin. It’s not as thick as the Perricone one feels, it’s definitely lightweight, great for outdoors or just grocery shopping!

And yes, what is Justin’s skin routine without a billion masks and scrubs? I didn’t have the chance to stock up on my usual masks and these are the only ones I’ve been using in the past few weeks. The Charlotte Tilbury is definitely go-to dry mask whenever there’s an event that requires great skin, for those wondering how my skin was glowing in graduation, this is the secret HAHAA, and the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair sheet mask is also a new found love. Used it during long haul flights and it is simply amazing. Your skin always tend to dry up during flights, a way to fix that situation is a sheet mask. This makes your skin glow so you look really good when you land and leaving the airport LOL. Another way is to bring a spray or a mist to spray all over your skin on the plane, making your personal bubble humid AF.

This is definitely not all of my beauty favorites so I’ll keep you guys posted! Hopefully I’ll have enough of new products to make another Beauty Favorites before the year end!


Biologique Recherche

Cleanser and Toner are about HKD $700 each

Serums are about HKD $890 each

The creme is about GBP £60.00

All products are only available in-stores. They are available in Hong Kong (Four Seasons Hotel, Harbour City), Shanghai (恒隆广场, 外滩), London (Liberty)

Perricone MD Photo Plasma – retails around HKD $600


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair sheet mask – retails for GBP £16.00 each on


Cloud9 Skin Solutions Clarity – retails for GBP £24.00 now on FeelUnique


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