Maison Margiela – In His Own Words

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post – but this exhibition that I’ve been to this past week is just – the perfect balance of what an exhibition should be like. I’m probably not the most artsy person there is in Hong Kong, or even in my building, but I do appreciate fashion and the story behind every design.

And in today’s post, we’ll be featuring the one and only – Mr. Martin Margiela.

The label of Maison Martin Margiela

Mr. Margiela’s work shaped the whole fashion industry and paved the way for many designers that are currently the biggest designers in the market. Whether you’re a fan of the slouchy pants, oversized blazers or a fan of its deconstructed knitwear, you’ll always be able to recognize Margiela’s signature label – the brand with four stitches on the back.

I’ve lucky enough (though I paid…) to have the chance to view this documentary that talks about Mr. Margiela’s life. I’m not exactly the best student or the most curious person in regards to his life, but I am a big fan of his work, not knowing what I was getting myself into – I was 10 minutes late to the viewing but got myself immensely dragged into the documentary.

Ironically, I’m usually a big fan of documentaries that only star performers, singers that I adore – that features their behind-the-scenes of their well-known performances or hits. But I wasn’t that familiar with Martin Margiela’s history. I’m a big fan of his designs, but accurately, it was John Galliano’s version of Margiela that I love? I’m not entirely sure. They are the pieces that I’d invest in right now. But does that mean I know a lot about Martin Margiela’s style and attitude? Probably not.

From the documentary, it features many of Mr. Margiela’s market-shocking designs at the time, dresses made from scotch tape, distressed clothing, knitwear made from military socks – (yes, it’s true). The documentary not only featured his famous garments, but also included critics from his close friends, and peers.

Did you know Margiela also worked under the house of Hermès during his career? Although his designs for his first Hermès show was deemed “boring”, “classic” – he was also the first Hermès designer to ever hosted a salon show at the shop. People were not pleased with his work at the time.

And the documentary continues to showcase Mr. Margiela’s work in Haute Couture – where his work blossomed and skyrocketed.

Mr. Margiela is indeed a genius, way ahead of his time. Which is why it’s definitely shocking to see how the documentary ended. With no prior knowledge to the history of Maison Martin Margiela – the label Mr. Martin Margiela built and created himself – is now more known as Maison Margiela – due to Mr. Martin Margiela’s departure in 2009.

The reason to his departure still remains unknown. What I observe, is that perhaps he felt that leaving at the peak of his career allows him to stay creatively independent, not restricted by his own brand, his own rules, and remain as an artist. Maybe it was the ‘mic drop’ moment that happened in 2009.

I very much admire his work and his magnificent career portfolio – he’s definitely a genius, and I do hope he’ll return with work that he loves, whether it’ll be in the form of a garment, furniture or something else. But I’m certain that it’ll be shocking.

The documentary airs every Saturday and Sunday at THE SHOPHOUSE – from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. You can get your admission tickets here.

4 Second Lane
Tai Hang, HK Island

The whole building consists of 3 stories, with the screening taking place on the top floor. The other stories featured archive Margiela pieces that are very well displayed.

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