Limoncello my way through Italy

It’s finally here! SO SORRY FOR THE LONG HIATUS!! But I’ve been busy compiling blog posts and deciding which ones to post first. But here it is.. my 21st birthday trip photo-book and all you need to know when you’re traveling to Italy! This blog post is only the part 1 of my adventure around Sorrento.

We took a flight from London Gatwick to Aeroporto Napoli, and taxi-ed our way to our beautiful villa near Sorrento, a small area called Massa Lubrense. We had the prettiest villa all to ourselves, and I cannot imagine a better place to stay for my golden birthday than this gem! And yes.. we brought our pineapple, flamingo and unicorn floats with us on the trip!

The food in Sorrento is simply beyond words could ever describe, it’s literally amazing, no joke. The service, the interior, the EXTERIOR, oh and did I mention THE FOOD?? Every restaurant in Sorrento is like a hidden gem that’s waiting for you to discover them, unlike London, where you actually have to search online and read reviews of different restaurants, the food in Sorrento can do no harm. Any restaurants on the street is delicious, super yummy. Obviously being such a shallow person I am, I went to the photogenic, the most instagrammable places I could find in Sorrento, so here’s a few restaurants I’d like to recommend you guys if you’re planning to visit Sorrento anytime soon!

L’Antica Trattoria: literally the cutest little place to get lunch, besides the perfect weather, and the amazing service, their food is divine. They have the perfect terrace for a pleasant and relaxing lunch, perfect is an underrated word for this place, this is officially one of my favorite places to eat in Italy! Here’s a few pics of what I’ve eaten there and the prettiest terrace ever!!

Ristorante ‘O Parrucchiano La Favorita: another one of my favorites in Sorrento! They have a lot of different rooms but I would recommend you to eat outdoors at their terrace (yes, a terrace again..) but their terrace is to die for, literally! There are tons, dozens of lemon trees surrounding the whole restaurant terrace, and the lemons are literally the size of an orange lol. Another plus side is that this place is so photogenic that you can take a million instagram pics here!

We spent most of our time on the beaches in Sorrento when we’re chilling around the small town, and not shopping… But there’s this beach that’s really nice and a great place to just lay down under the sun or take a dip into the sea when you have nothing else to do! It’s the Marameo Beach, to get there, you can either walk your way down along the cliff, or you can pay 3 euros for the Sorrento lift to get down. Walking takes about 15 minutes but it’s pretty nice as it goes through the cliff and there are caves where you can take nice pictures too HAHAA! It’s always about the pics!

We also witnessed the preparation of a wedding nearby at the Saint Francis’ Cloisters just beside the Sorrento lift, and it was just amazing!

It’s been quite the trip I must say, everything was perfect, the weather, the food and the company I’m with to celebrate my 21st birthday! I can’t wait to share more moments with you guys on the upcoming parts of my journey, but that’s it for now. Stay golden!

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