Tokyo | VLOG

Hey guys! Welcome back to another vlog! Life has been hectic and I’ve finally spared myself a few days of holiday to travel with my loved ones! It’s so nice to reunite with friends from different parts of the world in a new city just waiting for us to explore…

Bruno Mars 24K Magic Tour in Shanghai | VLOG

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I put up a vlog and I figured that you guys would love to see this vlog all about the Bruno Mars concert in Shanghai, which coincidentally is where I grew up! So lucky to have my best friend to come from Beijing…

Beijing, China

Mao, Peking Duck & The Great Wall | VLOG

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve last put out a vlog, but this Beijing trip has been so special and so amazing that I had to get it out to you guys! Reuniting with my bestfriend, exploring the ancient city and eating amazing food! Everything seems so perfect…


Being Adventurous in Seoul! | VLOG

Enjoy this vlog from me! It’s been about a few days since I’ve visited Seoul and everything was amazing… enjoy~


Long Weekend In Singapore! | VLOG

Hey guys, the vlog is up on youtube now! Go ask your friends to watch it and comment on youtube what you guys want to see. Planning on doing a GRWM video or a Haul for my next vid! Stay tuned.