Long Weekend In Singapore! | VLOG

Hey guys, the vlog is up on youtube now! Go ask your friends to watch it and comment on youtube what you guys want to see. Planning on doing a GRWM video or a Haul for my next vid! Stay tuned.


Beautiful Singapore

Singapore is so beautiful! Sorry it took me so long to post this, but I was busy traveling and working so I didn’t have time to post. This is probably the worst blog post ever, considering the quality of my content in this blog post. But since I hit the…

Positano, Italy

Yachting around Capri Baby

Wassuppp, here’s the part 2 of my trip of the year hehe! This is gonna be one heck of a trip because it includes basically the most beautiful places in Italy, and you do not want to miss any of it! Unfortunately, my phone broke during the trip so I…

Sorrento, Italy

Limoncello my way through Italy

It’s finally here! SO SORRY FOR THE LONG HIATUS!! But I’ve been busy compiling blog posts and deciding which ones to post first. But here it is.. my 21st birthday trip photo-book and all you need to know when you’re traveling to Italy! This blog post is only the part…


Long weekend at Macau

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend, I know I did!! I took a very nice relaxing, semi-spa trip down to Macau which is about an hour away from Hong Kong. Wasn’t planning to go as the weather didn’t seem very nice, *typical HK rain season..*, until my bestie…

Lyon, France

The Best Time in Lyon

Had the best time in France this summer back in June, with the best company I could ever ask for! After arriving at the airport and got ourselves to our Airbnb, we walked over the river to Vieux Lyon, a district filled with ancient-french vibes and beautiful boutiques and restaurants!…