Yachting around Capri Baby

Wassuppp, here’s the part 2 of my trip of the year hehe! This is gonna be one heck of a trip because it includes basically the most beautiful places in Italy, and you do not want to miss any of it! Unfortunately, my phone broke during the trip so I don’t have many pics to share with you guys.. sorry about that!

But yes, we started off my birthday (24th June) by visiting the infamous Positano! It is truly a dream come true, I’ve always been wanting to travel to Positano, and being there, makes me realize that the decision in staying in Sorrento was truly better than staying in Positano. To be frank, Positano really only suits you if you’re going for a short period or a day trip, the roads there are extremely difficult to walk around and quite dangerous. Regardless, the view is to-die-for and the food is simply amazing!

We took a trip down to the beach and had a few drinks (by the time we arrived it was already 3 in the afternoon) and some snacks (typical me). Then we headed for our birthday dinner! As our trip to Positano was rather spontaneous, we didn’t make any reservations for dinner. We walked all the way to this place called Da Vincenzo, but was turned down as they had a full night.. But luckily we found an amazing table with the perfect ocean view at Next2!

Next2 is the 7th best restaurant in Positano, and I couldn’t ask for anything better! The restaurant was simply the perfect meal for the golden 21, it was all white and the cocktails are insanely good! We had lots of seafood, octopus, scallops, sea bass, you name it, we had it! They also have a great collection of wine and they pair it perfectly. Being not a huge fan of wine, I was falling in love with the restaurant as it really was a perfect evening! One of the best nights I would say in 2017.

Well… there isn’t much to say but yes we went to CAPRIII!!! We rented a boat (from kissfromitaly) leaving from Sorrento to Capri, amazing boat and amazing staff! We had the best time on the boat taking pics and touring around Capri, seeing different grottos, caves and waterfalls before heading onto the Capri city centre where we had lunch and did some shopping (as usual)! We had some pizza and grilled octopus salads paired with fresh juices to recharge after the long boat ride.

After lunch, we headed over to the main square to shop a little bit, from Kiton, to Salvatore Ferragamo and we finished up at Hermès. The shopping experience in Capri is truly magical! (thank you mommy) Ranging from sunglasses to bag charms to canvas tote bags, we really didn’t rest at all.

But after all the craziness in Capri, we went back on the boat to go and have a little dip! The ocean is actually quite warm, so much better than expected! But we were all tired from the shopping so we headed back to Sorrento very soon.. Had a little party on the boat with the best music and company (obviously with some champagne) and that was the best day of my life in 2017!

Just gonna slightly mention about our journey towards Pompeii ruins and Mount Vesuvius. We were literally hiking the whole day but it was so worth it! We got to experience ancient roman living and went around the ancient ruins of the city of Pompeii. Seeing how the romans lived back then was truly mind-blowing as they were so advanced for their time! Although the hiking part towards the top of Mount Vesuvius was literally a hell-ride, the view was rewarding, nothing but ashes but it is truly magnificent. I would definitely recommend you guys to take maybe a half-day trip to Pompeii if you’re ever traveling near the Amalfi Coast!

That’s it for today’s post, I’ll see you guys real soon with part 3! It’s going to be all about Florence, Milan and Venice!

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