Long weekend at Macau

Hey guys, hope you had a great weekend, I know I did!! I took a very nice relaxing, semi-spa trip down to Macau which is about an hour away from Hong Kong. Wasn’t planning to go as the weather didn’t seem very nice, *typical HK rain season..*, until my bestie told me it’s all sun in Macau! So, here we are!!

Since I’m still suffering from severe jet-lags, I didn’t really have any problems waking up, so I took the first ferry out and went straight to Macau! I arrived at around noon and we went straight to lunch.. Japanese of course, always say YAS to any jap!!

Haven’t had Japanese for a very very long time, and this is just the perfect place for binge-eating on toro, uni and so much more!!

WARNING: Don’t read this if you’re hungry, like me

I mean, we all need some sukiyaki once in a while am I right?

Literally right after this feast, we went to the infamous water park at Galaxy Macau! I’ve always wanted to go and it definitely did not disappoint me! *besides the fact that it’s filled with tourists and annoying children, everything is good..* Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics out of the park, but we did hang out for a good 2 hours before heading up to the Ritz-Carlton Macau for their Bvlgari afternoon tea-set! Received the invitation to try them out and it is literally the highlight of the day *YUMZ*

We ordered one and a half afternoon tea-sets for 3 of us and we couldn’t even finish it!? *so weak nowadays* They have 5 savories and 5 sweet dishes, including in the sweet ones, there are scones, in plain, chocolate and orange *weird but surprisingly good*.. I guess the only thing that is weird about this tea-set is that they use whipped-cream for scones instead of clotted-cream..? Never paired it with whipped-cream so I went with the Apricot and Strawberry jam instead.

After the tea, we had a little photoshoot and had some cocktails in the bar opposite the tea room *such a nice bar I must say!*




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