A little something to I’d like to say before the New Year

Happy Chinese New Year guys! It’s the year of the rat, which, if you know, will be my second time turning full cycle (which means 24 years old) this year. I’ve achieved many, achivements and failures throughout life, but 2019 was one hectic and tough year. 

As some of you know, I’ve always been passionate towards fashion, sometimes music and videography, obviously kpop, but yes, I’ve always been drawn to the cienmatic, fanscinating world that has been portrayed as this never-sad, optimistic ‘fairytale’. And so I dove in to this so called ‘fairytale’, disposing basically 21 years of education for somewhat a sort of ‘pursuing my dreams?’ act? 

I’ve suffered. I’ve doubted myself. I’ve been miserable. 

Shouldn’t this be my ‘dream job’? Why do I still feel… empty? It doesn’t make sense.

From switching industries from finance to advertising, here I thought, maybe I can put my creative juices to good use with a good pay check. Sure I’m good at what I’m doing, executing, collaborating, gossiping, and complaining, which seems to sum up the office atmosphere in Hong Kong. Yet, after almost two years in working class, it seems to have made me, more lost in where I am in life. 

So, for the new year, I’m no longer looking forward to an ‘exciting’ year. But I’m wishing for a challenging year, a year filled with challenges and endless possibilities to max my potential. To learn another language, go to country I’ve never visited, perhaps even learn a skill that I’ve never thought of learning. 

I’m turning 24, and it’s time to make some changes. 

Just some thoughts, probably about aging lol. But in this new year, I hope to write more inner thoughts with my blog, create more content and slowly do more things that will make me happy, and more importantly, more alive. 

I’m turning 24, and it’s time to live. 

Wishing you a prosperous Year of the Rat ahead.

Stay healthy and stay safe during this difficult time.

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